Posted by: Jay & Christina | March 4, 2010

It all started in Warsaw

Actually, we technically landed in Zurich first.  Jay and I were fresh out of college, and we decided to make our way to Europe.  Our first destination was Warsaw, via Zurich, to see our friends, Andrew and Anna.  Andrew was a college friend who moved to Poland to teach English and be with Anna.

This was our first big trip together, and little did we know that this was the beginning of it all.  What began exactly 7 years ago has culminated to this–our BIG trip.  We talked, dreamed, planned, and lived to go around the world and now, it’s finally going to happen.  Along the way, we got married, built a life in San Diego, went on trips here and there, but ultimately, in the back of our minds, this trip was going to happen.  So, here we are.

We arrived in Warsaw on March 4, 2003, and due to some unexpected circumstances, we ended up staying in Warsaw for about a month.  Our generous hosts kept us entertained and showed us the sights.
Although our extended stay in Warsaw was unplanned, we were happy to have spent the time getting to know a city that we might have otherwise quickly passed through.

The Palace of Science and Culture, a gift from Stalin to Poland.
Warsaw (15)

Monument of the Heroes of the Ghetto Uprising
Warsaw (64)

The Heroes of the Warsaw Uprising Monument, a different event from the picture above.
Warsaw (101)

In front of the Holy Cross Church. Inside the church, Chopin’s heart.
Warsaw (108)

Warsaw (53)

Warsaw (48)

Our friends Andrew and Anna, pictured here with Jay.
Warsaw (39)



  1. I remember well that cold day in the last picture. I wish I still had those grey pants!
    There is a famous shot of that statue in front of Holy Cross church right after the war. Zoom in on this book cover:

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