Posted by: Jay & Christina | July 1, 2010

Taking a quick break at home

We’ve been struggling to catch up on our blog, but we promise to continue working on it. We’ve been having a blast and there are a ton of pictures and stories we want to share. We are currently back in the US, and prepping ourselves for the next leg of our trip to Asia. We will spend most of our time here seeing family and friends. And, since we are now heading into hot and humid weather, we are dropping off our winter gear and swapping them out for summer-wear and flip flops!

Thanks for reading everyone, all the comments have been really encouraging. Hopefully, in the next couple days, we can post more entries and catch up.



  1. See you soon!=)

  2. Welcome back to the States! Thanks for the postcard, the most exotic I’ll likely ever receive. Here’s hoping you’re fresher than Isner-Mahut.

    • Glad you got the card. Wimbledon without Fed 😦

  3. It was so so so great to see the two of you while you were here! It was awesome listening to your stories and I know you’ll have even more when you get back! Have a safe and wonderful second leg of your trip around the world!!

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