Posted by: Jay & Christina | August 7, 2010

Hello. Goodbye.

We sadly left Brazil, but we were excited for our planned pit-stop at home! We had extended our time in South America by a week, and since we did not want to take away from our time in Asia, we only had 6 days at home.

We arrived on the Fourth of July weekend, so we scrambled to re-stock on some things before the hectic holiday weekend of lunch dates and BBQ’s.

Pitstop 001
We love Target!

In between seeing our family and friends, we did some much needed laundry (we left Rio with not one stitch of clean clothing). We also laid out everything we carried with us for the past 3 months and plucked out the things that we never used or were not worth its weight. We left our heavy winter gear behind in place of light clothing for our next leg in summertime Asia.

Six days flew by in a flash! Before we knew it, we had to strap on our backpacks and with JapanRail Pass in hand, got on a flight for our next adventure – Japan!

Pit Stop in LA



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