Posted by: Jay & Christina | August 17, 2010

Monkeying Around


While in Arashiyama, we visited the Monkey Park to see the Japanese Snow Monkeys. Before we left on our RTW trip, our friends, Cassandra and Sheldon, said we HAD to visit the Monkey Park in Kyoto. To be honest, wild animals scare me. It doesn’t matter how accustomed they are to humans, I just don’t see why they have no reason to rip off our faces. But, we made the visit anyway. And, it was so cool. I loved it! These boogers were amazing and I could’ve spent hours there just watching them.

We paid at the entrance gate and made a short hike up the mountain. On the way, there were numerous signs on what NOT to do: don’t stare at the monkeys in eyes, don’t feed them, don’t touch them, etc.

As we neared the top of the park, we saw some monkeys in the trees, and just walking around.
Kyoto 098
What a look! We promise we aren’t staring at you!

We reached a platform where all the monkeys hung out. An attendant motioned us to come indoors to a little building. From the inside, we were able to buy little bags of chopped apples and feed the monkeys through the fenced in building. Essentially, we were the caged animals in this park.

There were a number of babies that were really cute.
Kyoto 099

Feeding the monkeys through the cage was a lot of fun.

Kyoto 100

The monkeys knew the drill and asked for some more. You could see which ones were more experienced in asking for food. Some of them whined and let you know how annoyed they were that you weren’t constantly paying attention to them.

Kyoto 101
Come on, one more apple!

Some of them are quite large and we made sure not to mess around with them.

Kyoto 102
One of these guys pulled on Jay’s shirt and hissed at him. Just making sure Jay knew who was boss.

We walked around the outside in the rain for a bit.

Kyoto 103
Everyone enjoys a good view once and a while.

Kyoto 111
This guy was curious about his pet fish.

Kyoto 104
One more picture of a baby since they are so cute.

Faces intact, we left the park and made our way back to Kyoto. The Gion Festival was revving up and it turned out to be a really fun night. More on that next time.




  1. love love love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. oh man the monkey sitting on the binocular machine thing is awesome! It looks like he is thinking to himself: “look at this awesome view i have!” “i am king of the world!” lol

  3. Love the pictures and your story.

  4. soooo super cute!!!

  5. Ah the baby monkeys are so cute!

  6. Sooo awesome! The babies are so cute!

  7. Jay and Christina, I’m looking back from when your travel started and have to say that I’m in so much awe of you two! I’m going through your travel journal by month and just finished April. What you two are doing is so inspirational. You are right-on about doing this at this time in your life. Your journal will be a great gift and inspiration to your future children. You are inspiring me to do it too, in retirement! Thanks for sharing your journal. God bless and take care always.

    Solar Turbines, says hello to you Jay!

    Auntie Junie

    • Hi Auntie. Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for reading our blog. We are happy to know that it is entertaining, and inspiring you. I hope things are great back in San Diego. Even though we are having a great time, we sometimes miss the comforts of home. Ingat din kayo po.


  8. Christina and Jay! Please bring back 1 baby monkey for little AnneMarie 🙂 They are so cuteeeeee …. We’ve been going through your travel journal by week started on the week after you left U.S (us) ehehehe….. Have a great time in Japan!

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