Posted by: Jay & Christina | September 14, 2010

Onto Tastier Subjects

Chiang Mai 239
Ready to slice and dice

Other than the traumatic bed bug experience, we had an awesome time in Chiang Mai. One of our favorite things we did was take a cooking class.

We met a traveler at our guesthouse that highly recommended Thai Farm Cooking School. The cleaner and better guesthouse we found happened to be a 30 second walk to their offices, so we signed up and drooled in anticipation.

We started at 8 in the morning and were driven to a local market where we learned about the difference between sticky rice and regular rice, the different curries, and the ingredients most used in Thai cooking.

Chiang Mai 224
One of our instructors explains the different types and qualities of rice. Her name was Kook ‘Cook’, a fitting name for someone teaching at the school.

Chiang Mai 229
This is a machine that shredded coconuts. The shavings are used to make coconut milk.

From there, we headed straight to the organic farm a little ways out of Chiang Mai and began our lessons. From a list, we were able to choose 5 foods we wanted to learn to cook.

Our main instructor, Max, walked us around the farm and showed us the different fresh ingredients used in our cooking class.

Chiang Mai 244
Max and two types of basil

Chiang Mai 242
Same same but different chilis – Guess which one is the spiciest.

The morning started out with everyone pounding out their own curries using a mortar and pestle. Our instructors told us this was traditionally done in a Thai home every morning. They encouraged us to pound the ingredients as hard as we could. They kept saying a loud bang coming from our mortar meant that we were either a good wife or husband.

Chiang Mai 249
Ingredients for curry

Chiang Mai 251
I love the sound of pounding curry early in the morning

Chiang Mai 252
Covered with flying bits of ground curry, but here it is: curry paste.

Chiang Mai 254
Swirl, swirl, swirl

Chiang Mai 258
The final product

The class was hands-on and we were able to eat what we cooked for lunch. I was really surprised at how delicious everything turned out. And I cooked it! Amazing!

Chiang Mai 262
One of the things Jay prepared was his favorite Thai dish, green papaya salad

Max was a really fun teacher. He was full of corny jokes that kept the class light-hearted. He also did a great job at making sure we used the right techniques.

Chiang Mai 263
Max showing us how to burn our food properly. Just kidding.

After a long day of cooking, we were able to enjoy our bounty large enough to feed a whole family. We couldn’t finish everything and took home our leftovers. We had enough for dinner, breakfast the next day, and lunch again.

Chiang Mai 270
Susie Homemaker says: Bon appetit!

We can’t wait to try this at home!




  1. make sure we’re there when you try this at home. i can tell it’s yummy!

  2. I’m pretty sure you guys got a coconut shredder from your random wedding gift registry, so I can’t wait for you guys to come back and make this delicious looking feast!!

    Also, these photos are wonderful, you should offer the cooking class co the pics for their brochure.

  3. And we can’t wait to try it all either =D

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